Sunday, December 12, 2010

Free pattern for crocheted snowflake

First pattern that I want to share with you for free is a pattern for this pretty little snowflake, perfect for decorating tree or adding it to christmas presents.

1.row: chain of 6

2.row: 12 small chains

3.row: 6 chains of 6 stitches in every other stitch

4.row: in every loop - 3x 2st chains, 1x 6st chain, 3x 2st chain - repeat 6 times in total.

5.row: 1x 3st chain, 1x 20st chain (for hanging loop), 1x 3st chain; 1x 5st chain, 1x 3st chain, 1x 5 st chain, 1x 3st chain - repeat 6 times in total

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